Overview: My Recipe Manager

My Recipe Manager is a web based application that allows you to easily manage recipes and create food orders. Save valuable time by automatically collating recipes and shopping lists - say goodbye to hours spent on individual food orders. Not only can you access My Recipe Manager from school but you can access it from any location e.g. home, providing you have an internet connection.

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My Recipe Manager includes all of the below features:


Store all your recipes in one place for easy access. Once your recipes are in the system, they’re there to stay. Allocate ingredients to each recipe as well as ingredient brand, preparations, recipe per, methods and additional instructions. Duplicate recipes and their ingredients at the click of a button.


All ingredients in My Recipe Manager are maintained by the software vendor i.e. you do not have to create them, they are created for you so one thing less for you to spend time on.

Recipe Costing

Cost your recipes in My Recipe Manager to produce a report that will assist you in budgeting for a school year and/or school term.

Custom Reports

Access to customised reports that have been specifically requested by schools as well as additional custom reports developed by us.

Food Orders

Select which recipes to add to your Food Order each week or in advance. Select your recipe, week starting date or term week, quantity and more to create a food order for each of your classes.

Shopping List

Simply select which food orders you would like to add to your shopping list and produce an alphabetised or categorised list at the click of a button.

Class Names

Create class names, assign a teacher and identify whether or not the class has any information associated to it e.g. Allergies, Anaphylaxis and/or Dietary Requirements.

Class Allergies

Configure class names to be 'Allergy Aware' via the use of class information categories.


Using this optional feature your shopping list will take into account any existing ingredients you may have in your storeroom providing they are correctly recorded under stocktake and your shopping list will automatically reduce the quantity required to be purchased for those ingredients.

Class Allocation

Print a customised report for each class. Producing a shopping list is one thing, but you still need to know which classes need which ingredients! Produce a Class Allocation Report to break down your shopping list into individual classes to assist your practical lessons.

Multiple Subscriptions

Where your school has two separate cooking entities e.g. a home economics area and a commercial kitchen or similar, and you would like to operate them independently, you can achieve this in My Recipe Manager through a second subscription. Copy recipes and their ingredients from one school subscription to a second school subscription at the click of a button.


Set up your users and give them access to the areas they require.


Share recipes with other schools and browse the recipe network. Choose which recipes you would like to share with other schools that are using My Recipe Manager. The best part about this is that you can browse recipes that are shared by other schools too.

Locally Developed

My Recipe Manager was created in Perth, Western Australia. The creator of My Recipe Manager is the father of a Home Economics Teacher, meaning he has insider knowledge on what Food Teachers actually want.


My Recipe Manager includes free support through the applications online support portal.

Online User Guide

My Recipe Manager comes with an extensive User Guide - the one you are currently reading. Incorporating a powerful search engine with over 75 detailed topics and 190 screen shots you will be able to find what you are looking for.


My Recipe Manager is affordable. A one year subscription costs $250 (AUD) which will give your school access to all available features.


Incorporating all of the above features but at the same time keeping My Recipe Manager simple to use, we believe our application will meet the needs of most schools and we look forward to you subscribing to My Recipe Manager.