Privacy Policy

Our website does not collect any personal information.

Our application, My Recipe Manager, does not collect any personal information except the information provided by you when completing the application registration page. We do not store this information on our website. It is stored on a secure server in the cloud and is only used for the purposes for which it was intended. These purposes include to register yourself as an authorised user of My Recipe Manager; allow you to sign into our application and for us to communicate with you with reference to your subscription.

We do not ask for or collect any personal information such as credit card details, your address or phone numbers. If you purchase a subscription, this is managed through a secure, independent third party credit card company, not Simple Data Management Systems.

We do not on sell or release any of the information you register with us to any third party.

We reserve the right to vary the contents of this policy from time to time.

The SDMS Team