Terms and Conditions

1. By using My Recipe Manager, you agree to our terms and conditions.

2. We do not offer any refunds once you have paid for the application; however, your subscription will remain active for the period you have paid for.

3. Before purchasing a subscription we recommend that you read through the features that our application offers, these terms and conditions as well as the online User Guide to determine if you want to purchase a subscription. 

4. My Recipe Manager requires an internet connection and for users to sign in to the application. Currently we do not offer any 'offline' mode where the application can be used without an internet connection.

5. On selling or the sharing of your subscription to another party or school is not permitted. Breaching this condition will result in your subscription being terminated.

6. To provide the best service, security and application availability that we can, we host My Recipe Manager in Microsoft's Azure cloud services who advertise a guarenteed up time of 99.95% for their app services. As such, Simple Data Management Systems advise that it accepts no liability, financial or otherwise either directly or indirectly for any data loss, data corruption, data unavailability or interuption to your business should My Recipe Manager be available or not available for use. To minimise any risks we recommend that you retain a hard copy of any information that you are storing in the cloud.

7. My Recipe Manager is used at your own risk.

8. The teachers at your school that you wish to use My Recipe Manager must be set up with their own user account. Creating one user account commonly know as a 'generic' account for all of your teachers to use or to share a login with other teachers is not permitted and something we don't support. It is the same security concept as signing into your school computers/network each day - each teacher has their own credentials and their own email address i.e. there is not one generic login that the school issues to teachers to access the schools network.

9. My Recipe Manager is designed to be used by teachers not students. Students are not to be given access to My Recipe Manager.

Our terms and conditions maybe subject to change without notice.
The SDMS Team